A Trip to the Theatre…

I went to the Theatre Royal to see Peter James’ The House on Cold Hill on the recommendation of my sister-in-law who loves plays. All through the performance which was very enjoyable I kept thinking that I knew the writer from somewhere else. At home I searched on the internet and confirmed that he did indeed write the Chessmen trilogy. There is a youtube video on a day in his life. What a busy man or, more accurately, he is a business in his own right. He has at least three employees to keep his books out there. Interesting.

It worked…

I’m so pleased. Now that I’ve published ‘Playing on the Mountain – Ten Years of Writing’ and updated my site to include a page for this anthology, I have no excuse for not finishing my sequel to ‘Finding Takri’. Must have it ready in some form for our writing group’s retreat in November. First though, four weeks in India. Watch this space for updates and pics. In fact I’ll try that next. A photo, I mean.



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