Cine films: November 28th

Nanowrimo word count 1491 running total 46516 (two more days to reach 50k)
I have been having my Super 8 cine films digitalised. First of all, I sent away a small one of 200 feet, and it was fine. Since I was happy with the quality, I sent off a video of 800 feet. It is of the wedding of my sister-in-law who arrived from India in 1976 and now lives in Wolverhampton. Since we were the oldest members of her family in this country, it fell to us to organise and pay for the wedding. The film is 49 minutes long, but after 30 minutes it froze, on both computer and television. I have sent an email to Asda photos, and I’m sure they will sort it. Let’s see.


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