Thoughts on Feedback and Marketing

This post started when I researched the costs of receiving feedback.

Curtis Brown = £35.00 for feedback of 200 words on 500words of writing! (7p per word)

Strathclyde University mentoring = £79 initial submission + £273 for 20k; £515 for 40k; £630 for 60k; £924 for 80k (approx 1p per word,although my calculation may be wrong). A group of us paid £168 for Strathclyde Blaze Inferno in which we wrote 8300 words and gained feedback from five writers = 10p per word plus all the inspirational ideas and notes from the course.

A course with Write Here costs £99 but there is not as much feedback.

It seems that giving feedback makes writers money. Then, I searched for ‘how to make money from writing’ and up came this:,even%20on%20a%20%245%2C000%20advance.

It’s a great article. My attention was drawn to the websites that writers could use.

CafePress, Zazzle and Etsy will sell your T-shirts, coffee mugs and other promotional items linked to your book. I have bought something from a seller on Etsy. Zazzle looks like an amazing site.

You could offer travelling tours (especially non-fiction writers) and take your readers through the places that inspired your book. Vayable might help.

You could set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for expenses.

To earn advertising income you could sell ads based on your book on Wattpad Futures or Amazon Affiliates.

You could develop a writing workshop. Use Udemy or Skillshare.

How about creating a video trailer for your book? Adobe Spark, Animoto, Magisto.

Or a virtual book tour: podcasts, tweet chats and Facebook live sessions.

And while you are on Facebook, create a Group or Fan page.

Why not build a website for your book and give away free content such as a couple of chapters? Or create a series of downloadable tools for your audience. (I don’t understand that).

You should believe that you are in the money-making business. (Oh?)

Gosh, and I thought my friends who used Pinterest to post photos of their characters were doing so well!