British Sikh Report: November 26th

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British Sikh Report: November 26th

I discovered today that there is such a thing as the British Sikh Report. It’s been published every year since 2013. This was the first time it was launched in Scotland as well as England. It is a ‘snapshot of what it means to be a Sikh living in Britain today’. I found out about it because my civil servant son was invited to speak on the panel. It was on a Zoom Webinar. All these innovations that I’ve learned to use because of Covid-19.

From the report, it seems there are about 420,000 Sikhs in the UK.

 24% of Sikhs who died of Covid-19 were below 65 years of age as compared to 10% of the whole population. And that seems a big difference.

Two-thirds of Sikhs are married – the figure for the general population is one-half. Perhaps the arranged marriage system means that more people marry – or stay married.

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