India Blog 3: Jalandhar 27 June 2019

We took a taxi to Alawalpur via Phagwara. The driver waited while we joined a family celebration of granddaughter Nimitta’s 9th birthday. Once settled in my house in Alawalpur we set off for the Haveli and the museum and restaurant called Rangla (colourful) Punjab.
Photo 1: Nini in front of a tableau of women cooking roti in a tandoori oven.
Photo 2: A butter churn. My grandmother (and I) used one in the 1960’s so this is not that old an item.
Photo 3: A quern. Same comment as above.


India Blog 2: Goraya, Punjab 26/27 June 2019

On our way north-west there was much catching up with sleep; two breaks spaced out : long haul flights seem to be much busier, possibly due to having a TV screen at every seat. I made arrangements to have our internet connections set up as soon as we reached home. We have five mobile wifi hotspots between us which have been bought by members of the family on previous trips. Everyone needs the internet! Next, we cleaned the floors and removed dust covers from the furniture. During the night the electricity went off and, as there was a breeze, Nini and I moved out into the courtyard. Next day we visited the local temple where, in the 19th century, a member of my family was a holy man and is still revered.

Travelling in India: 26 June 2019

Seven Travellers
Coming out of Delhi Airport, the first thing was to locate our driver and vehicle which took longer than I had expected. I am going to copy my friend Mairi’s family nomination system. Grandson15 loved the spaciousness of the Tempo Traveller people carrier. He sat in the middle behind the driver and had a good front view of DelhI streets. In previous years I have loved driving through Delhi on arrival (in a non-airconditioned vehicle in those days) but the air is now very polluted; the streets are clogged with cars, the buildings covered in dust as are the people who, I feel, struggle to keep life running. We make slow progress (two hours of the six that Google maps tells me it should take to reach Goraya in the Punjab). Delhi seems to stretch closer every year towards the next town on the Grand Trunk Road but we are happy to be heading north-west and home in India!