Feeling the Cold? November 27th

Nanowrimo word count 1735 running total 45025
Feeling the cold: November 27th
People used to say to me ‘You must feel the cold in Scotland since you come from India.’
I didn’t think that was the case, I wore extra clothes if I was cold. In my mind, there was no question of where I was from, and it wasn’t India. I had been unhappy there, very few people cared about me although they were family. They were not able to protect me from how my mother treated me, although I believe they knew and sympathised. That was no help.
As for the weather here, for me to feel the cold more than my white-skinned husband seems not so silly these days. There is a theory that everyone is genetically suited to either hot or cold countries. And this is the reason dark-skinned people in Scotland should take Vitamin D supplements. And lack of this vitamin doesn’t help you if you contract Covid-19. Be careful.


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