Coffee! November 25th

Nanowrimo word count 2239 running total 42817
Yesterday it rained all day. Both of the golf courses that my husband plays (not at the same time) at were closed. I used to play golf when I retired from paid work but gave up when I took up writing. My golf handicap was not showing any signs of improvement. I could shoot straight but not very far.
We decided to pay a visit to Costco and the enormous Home Bargains shop that has opened in that area.
There was no queue waiting to be allowed in at Costco, no-one counting how many customers had entered, and this was a change from the last time.
However, there were signs up requesting everyone to wear masks. Once we had bought a trolley full of stuff (always more that we thought we wanted), we saw that the cafe was selling food to take away. We opted for a baked potato each and a latte. I told myself it was mostly milk. I haven’t had a real coffee for months, and I forgot what this might mean. I could have been very hyper, but I wasn’t.
I went to bed at 11 o’clock thinking I didn’t feel tired. Half an hour later, I was out of bed, realising that the coffee was now having its effect on me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for hours, so I began reading my friend’s new book, ‘Murder at the Mela’. I finished four hours later. It was a wise move. The last time I did that was when I read ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, thirty years ago.

Though, that was on a Sunday afternoon, and not the middle of the night.


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