This story begins on the day that Ian McLean’s will is being read to his family in Scotland. Twenty-year old Alana, his only granddaughter, is sure he has left her his yacht which is berthed at Largs Marina. However, all is not as it seems, for the family must cope with the revelation that Ian’s time spent in Turkey was with another family. He has a son living there who inherits the yacht. It must be returned to him. Alana is devastated but determined to remain for as long as possible on Moon River. She joins the captain, her uncle Jamie, and two crew members on the delivery to Turkey. When she arrives in the idyllic setting of Semiye, there are yet more surprises for Alana.

Did her grandfather fake his own death? Has Jamie planned to steal Moon River? Alana learns that not everyone can be trusted, but is life in Turkey good for her, or should she return to Scotland?