Wednesday 13th August 2014 From Bayinder Limani to Kalkan Bay.

Bayinder Bay is now called ‘Swimming with Two Turtles Bay.’ On to Yesilkoy which I call the bay of ‘The Shining’ because of the hotel on the hill. It seems so isolated perched on its steep slope, it reminds me of the film. This is the bay facing the town of Kalkan where we tied up at the quay this trip and last. A pleasure boat came in to moor up alongside which didn’t please Bob at all. The family who’d had the day out were English and said they’d had a super time when I asked them in the middle of pressing on our fenders with my feet. Between the harbour master and the pleasure boat helmsman, they managed to squeeze in. However, this time, on our return voyage, we swung free on our anchor, and were early enough to be able to watch others come in. Lots of gulets and pleasure boats. Bob remarked on the one next to us where a man was cooking food on a barbecue perched on the gangway of the boat. On our other side was a lone sailor who dropped his anchor, gave me a wave and disappeared below. We planned to leave early next morning because the voyage past the seven capes was forecast for high winds, on the nose, all the way. It turned out better than that, we managed to tack across, heading for Gocek in a fair wind.


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