Thursday 14th August 2014 From Kalkan Bay to Gocek Bay

We passed Coldwater Bay where, on 2nd August, we were amazed by the amount of gulets coming in and out with their holidaymakers. It was as if they were timetabled in twenty minute slots. They have a hooter which is blown to announce departure; at that point all the people who have jumped into the water must get themselves back on board. We anchored and took a line ashore, then another line. It was difficult – the ice-cream man, on his wooden dinghy came to help out by looking at the rudder and telling me which way to turn the steering. We felt compelled to buy an ice-cream to pay him back; he charged 10 TL for a magnum- £3! I did ask for a Turkish ice-cream which I knew cost 1.5 TL in the shops but he didn’t have any.

   Bob and I sat down to talk over what went wrong and this is when I discovered there is an indicator on the instrument panel which tells you which way the rudder is and by how much. They didn’t point this out on my Day Skipper course!

   We sailed into Gocek Bay, anchoring to swing free near the super boat jetty. They have big screen TVs on these boats and probably all sorts of other modern conveniences we don’t have on Peperuka.

   I told Bob that since it was Indian Independence Day the next day, tonight was the night Nehru made his speech – ‘At the stroke of the midnight hour India will awake to its destiny’, I would treat him to a meal at the Unlu Hotel.


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