Tuesday 12th August 2014 From Ucagiz to Bayinder Limani, Kas, Turkey

Fair winds, again, took us to Bayinder Limani across the bay from busy Kas town. We missed out Polemus Bay which we visited on 6/7th August. From the restaurant there is a path leading to Aperpai which we walked in the morning. Three years ago we climbed to the top of the ruins but this time we knew the sarcophagi were empty as most of them were looted years ago. The tops look so heavy, how did the people manage to raise them?

We found the path around the The Purple House; it was the wrong way to go, the right way is through the grounds – we just couldn’t open the gate. A group of young Turkish men, who had set up camp nearby, were frolicking in the water. There laughter echoed around the bay, they were lovely to watch. It is a very beautiful setting; the shallow water prohibits many deep draught boats from anchoring which helps to keep the bay peaceful.

On the walk back we looked out for the tortoise we’d met three years ago, but there was no sign of him; a few skinny goats stared at us as we passed.  On the return, we took the gate that led into the Purple House, which is named for the dye that originated from the molluscs found in the bay. The purple colour which was much prized in Roman times making Aperlai an important place.


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