Monday 11th August 2014 – From Cineviz to Ucagiz (here previously Thursday 7th August)

Fair winds take us along the Kekova Roads, under the castle and into the bay of the village of Ucagiz. There are so many pleasure boats bringing people by coach from hotels in larger resorts. They don’t stay for evening meals so the restaurants that they pass gain no benefit from them. We have by-passed Gokkaya Bay which three nights ago was busy with a Sunsail flotilla and many gulets sending customers off screaming on blow up seats behind motor-boats with rumbling engines.

   However, there was one sound that brought a smile to Bob’s face. A gulet playing ‘Hotel California’ by the Eagles. The partying went on most of the night.

   Back at Ucagiz we have anchored in the bay (it’s not clean enough to swim). We lowered the dinghy so that I could go for a shower whilst Bob accessed the internet at Hassan’s restaurant. We shopped in the little supermarket, but it was at the wrong time as the gulets were leaving for the day and people were buying last minute essentials. Much pushing and shouting. I was surprised when the assistant asked for 85 turkish lira as we’d bought quite a lot of groceries.


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