Tuesday 27 May 2014 Vathi Bay, Astipalaea, Greece.

An almost enclosed bay as the entrance is very narrow. There is an abandoned brick kiln with an ugly scar on the hillside from where the material for the work was taken. We anchored Peperuka at the north end where there is a small homesteading with a church on the hilltop close by. There was a large herd of goats with very large bells around the adults necks. The herd was moved from one end of the bay to the other along a well-used dirt track. What a racket of jingles and jangles! We couldn’t help smiling while clapping our hands over our ears. I took a video but can’t find it now. From now on I will post no photos until I’ve caught up with where we are. Today is actually the 23 July and we are in Keci Bay, Orhaniye, Turkey.


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