The Turning Point in Turkey – Sunday 10th August 2014 Tekirova (ancient Phaselis)

This is a fine way to come completely up-to-date. We have sailed as far east as we would like. The anchorages ahead are not so good, then there’s Syria and Cyprus. Both have political problems at the moment; the two parts of Cyprus don’t like yachts checking in or out as there are too many questions about where they’ve been. We are not now going in that direction.

   It’s westwards to Greece! I am so pleased, it’s far too hot, I am now dark brownin colour becoming darker by the day though I never sunbathe. So my blog photo, taken in Milan, Italy is a lighter skinned and plumper me. it’s hard work on a boat! Moans over (for today)!

   Whilst I am on the boat I have limited access to the internet so I haven’t looked at the admin side of my blog. If you have left a message, or reposted one of my photos, I possibly won’t know till later. I will answer or deal with it in time. This is the trouble with a blog as opposed to a forum. It’s a lonely place. As is a yacht with two people. We live in our own little world of, ‘look at the land, swim in the water and keep the boat moving’. Sometimes we talk to each other, but very little that’s not about what we’re doing. We have a French Scrabble set on board but playing it is a bit fraught. There are many vowels than consonants which makes producing words in English difficult. We’ve stopped playing as we disagreed on the word jee, Bob said it’s a word but I said not. Oh well.

  A friend, who I’ve known since 1968, said, ‘Fancy you sailing round the Greek Islands. Who would ever have envisaged that years ago?’ Just goes to show you don’t know what’s round the corner of your life.

   I can’t post photos because I never have strong enough internet or time on it to download the new batch. I intend to post these later.

   Back to Teirova, ancient Phaselis, which has the most perfect little theatre – you could almost recreate it for holding actual plays. We would do that in the UK, little theatre companies with plays by Ovid and Shakespeare (who used Ovid’s ideas anyway).

  We made a lunch stop in the bay, seeing ‘Dragon’ gulets (my name) for the first time. These are multi-story and kitted out for maximum effect ( huge speakers). Music and drama. While Bob was rowing ashore he stopped at the line of bouys that separated the shallows from the deep to fix the tied-on paddle (the connector to the dingy sheared off, then Bob dropped it into the bay), I saw a turtle swimming on the shallow side. It is so good to see them pop their heads up, then duck into the water to continue swimming. It seemed to have no problem with the hundreds of people, laughing and splashing in the water.

Tuesday 27 May 2014 Vathi Bay, Astipalaea, Greece.

An almost enclosed bay as the entrance is very narrow. There is an abandoned brick kiln with an ugly scar on the hillside from where the material for the work was taken. We anchored Peperuka at the north end where there is a small homesteading with a church on the hilltop close by. There was a large herd of goats with very large bells around the adults necks. The herd was moved from one end of the bay to the other along a well-used dirt track. What a racket of jingles and jangles! We couldn’t help smiling while clapping our hands over our ears. I took a video but can’t find it now. From now on I will post no photos until I’ve caught up with where we are. Today is actually the 23 July and we are in Keci Bay, Orhaniye, Turkey.