Wednesday 28 May 2014 Writing

I have four pieces of writing (works in progress, I should say) on the go, at this time.

First, there is ‘Moon River’, which is the story of how Alana McLean, from Largs took control of her life and moved from the West of Scotland to Turkey. This work began as the final assessment for the Diploma in Creative Writing with the Open University. Today I emailed it to my editor Farhana Sheikh at Dahlia Publishing. Then there is a short story called ‘My Brother Vrinder’ for Farhana’s latest anthology which progressed from using various strategies to promote our own writing output. The group of writers who are contributing worked on Google plus. It was an experiment begun by Farhana.

Third, a short story for an anthology with my e-buddies (from the previously mentioned OU course), one of whom has a blog called cassandra writes. This story is called ‘A Childhood Memory’, and actually came from the strategies for the above group. I have a couple of poems ready for this anthology too.

And fourth, is my sequel to ‘Finding Takri’; the first scene is set at the Memorial to Sikh Soldiers of the First World War which is in Brighton. As I’d told myself I must begin a new book every new year, I wrote this on 1 January.

Excerpts from the above writing to follow ….


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