Christmas is Coming: November 23rd

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I think First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the Coronavirus Update, was fed up with the questions about Christmas. How many times could she repeat that we don’t know how safe we will be from the virus in the next four weeks? She said we have to think about saving lives but still questions like what about if people decide to do whatever they want? What, like all meet and have a party?
I will be careful. My son’s family will stay in their own home. There’s nothing wrong with having a quiet Christmas this year. There is news that by the spring we will all have had the vaccine—something to look forward to.


November 10th

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Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, has said it will be some time before the coronavirus vaccine is ready for everyone. We must continue to live with care under the guidelines. Wise words.

This is a recipe and method for making a superfood which I have at breakfast time. I read somewhere that you only should eat food with seven or fewer ingredients. This has six.
Three cups of porridge oats
Three-quarter cup olive oil
Three-quarter cup chia seeds
Three-quarter cup linseed seeds
Three-quarter cup golden syrup
one-half cup sesame seeds
Grind linseed and chia (use coffee- grinder) and cover in water to double in size and become sticky. Heat olive oil in a wide pan, add porridge oats and toss-fry until oats are cooked. Add more oil if oats seem dry. Add the soaked seeds and stir until mixed. Add the golden syrup. Take off heat. Let cool then shape into small balls and roll in sesame seeds on a plate. Store in freezer when cooled. Take out one when you wish, place on plate and microwave for 20 seconds. Enjoy.