Success! November 30th

Nanowrimo word count 1771, running total 50,277 Success!
I managed to reach 50k words in Nanowrimo 2020. I am happy and hope this will give me a boost to continuing to write every day. My memoir has many years to go so, I can’t stop now.
I have my lights up for Christmas but as yet no tree.
My granddaughter wants a Playstation 5, but there are none in the shops. Her parents have told her Christmas will be late. I remember when the first Playstation came out in December 2000, the only way to buy one was to pre-book at Argos. I did. It didn’t come in until the 22nd. Clydebank Argos on a wet, cold night after work. The things we do at Christmas!


Christmas is Coming: November 23rd

Nanowrimo word count 2208 running total 36,939

I think First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the Coronavirus Update, was fed up with the questions about Christmas. How many times could she repeat that we don’t know how safe we will be from the virus in the next four weeks? She said we have to think about saving lives but still questions like what about if people decide to do whatever they want? What, like all meet and have a party?
I will be careful. My son’s family will stay in their own home. There’s nothing wrong with having a quiet Christmas this year. There is news that by the spring we will all have had the vaccine—something to look forward to.