Friday 13th November

Nanowrimo word count 1204 running total 19,772

The national football team have won a great match against Serbia. I was a coward and went to bed when the game extended into extra time. With the Real Madrid player coming on to the pitch I thought they wouldn’t win and couldn’t watch them lose. What a surprise this morning to see them jumping up and down after playing 120 minutes of tense football. Wonderfully, well done, Scotland!
Strictly Come Dancing is the highlight of our regular winter viewing. Anton du Beke, who, in our household, creates an argument about whether he is a good dancer or not has been promoted to judge status. I think he will be a breath of fresh air, although Motsi was bright and sparkly.
It’s Friday 13th which has a history of horror movies connected to it as well as having religious connotations for Christians (The Last Supper). A baker’s dozen is 13, and the number has special significance in Sikhism. The founder, Guru Nanak, was the son of a grocer and when his father left him in charge of selling the goods, he gave everyone thirteen instead of twelve weights of flour. It’s not unlucky at all.


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