Vaccines: November 12th

Nanowrimo word count 1495 running total 18568

In Scotland, we have had 5000 deaths from Coronavirus. The vaccine may be ready in a month.
I had a Zoom meeting this morning with my writing colleagues from Bearsden Writers. Since it was only the Committee, there were four of us. Our fifth member won’t come on Zoom. She is terrific on our Proboards forum, our website and on Youtube, so it’s not the technology that stops her, I think it’s her belief in conspiracies. Also, she won’t agree to be vaccinated for Covid-19 or the seasonal flu vaccine. My uncle in India had smallpox scars on his face. I have a spot on my arm from vaccination against that disease, and I’d rather have a small scar on my arm than the ones my uncle lived with.
My conversations about the word ‘coloured’ as opposed to ‘people of colour’ continued today. ‘Coloured’ is a term given to people of my colour by others. ‘People of colour’ is our own term and doesn’t come with political complications. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to.


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