Friday 11th – 14th July 2014 Return to Partheni boatyard. Invoice paid and Peperuka lifted in.

The ferry from Kos dropped us on the other side of Leros from where we boarded last month. Simon and his wife who we had met in Lakki had, like us, made a trip home; unlike us they knew we would not land at Lakki, and that the bus would have gone before the boat got in, so had already ordered their meal at a shoreside restaurant when we passed them again. We hailed a taxi to take us to the boatyard, picking up a scooter there too to drive into the next town. The garage owner leaves them there for boat owners as the town is a distance away.

   The invoice for the repair work came to over two and a half thousand pounds; having a boat is expensive. We stocked up with more food and drinks. Peperuka was lifted in; a few electrical issues were dealt with, then we headed towards Pserimou Island en route to Turkey to meet Gurmeet and Roshan, my brother and nephew who are joining us for a short holiday.


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