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Thank You A J for this – Finding Takri: A beautiful story, beautifully written.

I was surprised and delighted by the story told in this book. A quick read, it held my attention to the end.

I loved the detail of the lives of the women portrayed, the courage and companionship expressed and most of all the gentleness in what seems a harsh environment.

Thank you Juji for this – This book took me by surprise

I was a little doubtful for the first several pages as I got my head around both dialogue, people and places. However, very soon I was engrossed with the story and the characters. It is insightful, heart-warming and often very moving and I found myself gradually absorbed into the extended family, culture, history and country. However, the disclosure at the end has me looking for a significant epilogue!


Absorbing and enjoyable

Part biography – of a family and of a nation – part love story, part mystery – told through the tales of women. The crafted and deceptively gentle narrative draws you into the (sometimes brutal to our modern eyes) story of Takri and the women around her, and holds you entwined to the final page. The ideas and images will linger long after the much enjoyed reading of the actual book.

Thank You, Jen – fellow member of Arrochar Book Group 🙂