April 2nd 2021

It’s Camp Nanowrimo, and I am doing it my way since I’ve already missed a day. Yesterday, we had a long beneficial zoom session with Bearsden Writers on ‘Page to Stage’ by Neet Neilson. All about the creation of a five-minute stage play. We agreed that the writing process was quite similar to other areas of writing. The method of taking your written work onto the stage seemed to include a lot of other people with the potential of fighting for your words and ideas. That was scary.
I should be editing the words I wrote in November, but I might be more productive if I try to fit those into my work in progress. I don’t think I can write a memoir (too many tangled tales in my past), so it will have to be a work of fiction with some stories from my life included, which is how my novel ‘Finding Takri’ came into being. It works that way for me.
What did I do since November? I have been busy but not writing, not submitting, although I have been keeping in touch with my writing community. I have been reading, doing jigsaws, knitting and baking flapjacks.

Our only visitors were our neighbours’ hens, who would tap on the patio doors for food. Unfortunately, our local fox got a hold of them on a dark March night when the wind had blown their coop door shut before they could get in. Two children next door were distraught, but so were we adults. Only one of six hens survived, Rosie, who hid in a tight space near a shed. Oh well, the fox and her babies had a feast! My neighbour bought four more hens to keep Rosie company, but they are not allowed out of the coop yet.


November 5th

November 5th 2100 words total 9,437

There is still no final result for the Presidential election though Joe Biden seems to be inching towards victory.
Bearsden Writers met this morning to hear about the General Article submissions for the Scottish Association of Writers competition. Three members have experience in entering, and they gave us much useful information. We adjourned for half-an-hour to write an article. I spent a lot of time editing the piece even after our feedback session was over.

The secret of completing the 50k words for Nanowrimo in thirty days is to type as fast as you can and not to edit. I’m now at 1955 and I’ve added some writing that I’d written before. And I’ve counted the submission article although it’s not finished.
In my family history, the earliest date I refer to is 17th Century when I remember the Guru who wrote the Sikh marriage service as my parents were married in November 1944. Then, I note that in the various census of the 19th Century, organised by the British Raj, the Sikhs had a lower ratio of male to female than Hindus or Muslims. My grandmother told me about an old woman, a neighbour of ours, who died screaming that the granddaughters she had killed at birth were at the end of her deathbed – sad times.