November 9th

November 9th Today’s word count 1206 total so far 14591 I will catch up tomorrow. Sore eyes yesterday and today.

Joe Biden is making Presidential-type ‘bringing people together’ speeches. Donald Trump is playing golf and waiting for his legal team.
Pfizer has perfected a vaccine for Covid-19, but nothing changes on our Coronavirus rules and regulations.
Here is one of my knitting projects from June this year. It was a present for my granddaughter. The characters are from books that she has loved for years. From left to right, Sofia Valdez: Future Prez, the blue-haired one is an anime character that she loves, then it’s Rosie Revere: Engineer, Ada Twist: Scientist and Iggy Peck: Architect. Iggy has a cat, and I made this one at my silver jewellery class last year. I gave it to her on her birthday (10th), but her mother said she put it away as she doesn’t appreciate it yet. Oh well, I enjoyed creating it, and that’s important.


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