November 4th

1922 words today. My fourth day total is 7337 words.
My writing friend, Leela Soma, who has an online book launch tonight for her novel, ‘Murder at the Mela’, asked me for more details of how I was finding writing every day. My eyes become gritty if I look at the computer screen for too long. I stand to type, this means I tire quickly, so I write for short periods. Half-an-hour to forty-five minutes at the most. We should only look at a screen for twenty minutes before looking away, but I’m not looking up the whole time. I change the page to fit width and height and make no changes to the text. When I finish a section and leave my laptop, I place the word count at the end of that piece of writing. On a card, I write down the next sentence to set me writing when I return. That’s it. The writing must flow, and preparation is the key.
Now, that I’ve completed my word count for the day, I can go back to my knitting (it’s a poncho) and the television which is all about Trump v Biden today. When Trump won four years ago, I was shocked as I had expected Hillary to win. The United States was not able to vote a woman into power then, and this may be repeated with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am disappointed.


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