The Grill on the Corner and The Wee Drunk.

We were invited out for a late Father’s Day meal organised by Nini (whoever said she was bossy? Only in a positive way and what a brilliant organiser!). She chose the Grill on the Corner and it was a superb venue. The food was delicious and Father was spoiled, as he should be. I chose Aubergine steaks with couscous and it was beautifully served and delicious. The waiter (Calum – he introduced himself) was most attentive. We had taken the bus into town. Going in, the bus driver was really slow and there were some noisy people. On our return there was a long wait at the station for our bus and again some noisy people. At Balgrayhill a young woman with a baby in a pram tried to get off at her stop but a wee drunk man blocked her way to the door. Driver got out of his cab but the drunk said no she wasn’t passing him because she hadn’t let him sit in the seat that was for the disabled, as he said he was, and should have been allowed to sit there (though there were two prams in that space for the whole journey). A young man pushed past the pram to manhandle the drunk off the bus (the driver was wisely not touching him). But the drunk was not for moving until other people shouted that the reserved for disability seats next the stairs were empty and why wasn’t he sitting there? Come on and sit down! So he did, though now shouting abuse at the young man who had tried to push him out of the bus. The girl with the pram got off and the driver drove to the next stop whereupon the wee drunk man got off. What amazes me is that drunks always seem to know which is their stop!


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