Thursday 11 February 2016: Sunshine on my skylight on a frosty morning!

There was ice everywhere but the sun had melted it by the time I went out.
   Yesterday, I met up with my Bible Study group, then exercised at Curves and, in the evening, went to a new poetry group at the library. Eight women and three men, all looked 50+, and two librarians. The poems were Sea Fever and The Lake Isle of Innisfree – both well-loved classics. Then ‘Cargoes’ was mentioned, and found, on the internet. Now I know that a quinquerime was a five-banked galley. Learn something every day! So much in that line ‘Quinquerime of Nineveh from distant Ophir’. I searched the Web for those three words and got drawn into other worlds of trade and war, from Rome to Iraq to Malaysia, as a possible site of Ophir, from where Solomon was brought gold, ivory, apes and peacocks.

Wednesday 10 February 2016: one of my favourite buildings in weather I like.


The sun shone all day today. When I was going out at 6.30 in the evening I had to scrape a thin layer of ice from my car windscreen. The roads will be salted overnight and my car will become dirty with it. Dont like this, I prefer cloud and rain to clear skies and ice.
   Yesterday, I booked tickets to go to India with my mother, two brothers and a nephew. It took a week of searching on the internet to check on prices, then all was sorted with a phone call to our local travel agent. Last few years, he always has had the best deal.

Tuesday 9 Feb 2016: The photo is of Bob on Peperuka in the boatyard in Leros, Greece last year.


Bob phoned, said he wasn’t sure about safety on the Bavaria (the type of boat he’s on). He still hasn’t seen the boat under sail. I think they’ve set off for the Galapagos Islands so he’ll have had that experience by now. I suspect ‘Mystique Soul’ may not be as fast as his own ‘SY Peperuka’, (a Shearwater), which means he’ll be in for a disappointment. I hope they’re still enjoying each other’s company when they reach the islands, or he might cut the trip short!

Sunday 7 Feb 2016: My granddaughter, Nimitta’s crystal garden.


Yesterday, I went to the Holistic Festival at the Trades Hall with Mandeep. We met, amongst others, Nilam Gill, a family friend who I have known since he was born. Mandeep and Nilam are both reiki practitioners. It was an interesting afternoon, not least for the list of unusual trades on the noticeboards. Wonderful portraits on the walls. We live in such a changed world from the heyday of the Trades Hall.

Saturday 6 Feb 2016: My artist friend’s painting of this winter’s floods.


I met up with Margherita Muller, my artist friend, yesterday at The Little Cafe in Argyle Street. She had been for osteopathic treatment near the Art Galleries.
   Later, I picked up my nephew, Roshan, from his house to take him to my mother’s. Then, I picked up my grandson, Deeven, from his badminton session. On the way to his home, we were talking about that most important of topics, his coming birthday. I was distracted and drove about a mile towards my own house. I said, ‘Deeven, you didn’t even notice that I’d driven past the turn for your house. You’re supposed to keep me right!’ He just giggled.