Thursday 11 February 2016: Sunshine on my skylight on a frosty morning!

There was ice everywhere but the sun had melted it by the time I went out.
   Yesterday, I met up with my Bible Study group, then exercised at Curves and, in the evening, went to a new poetry group at the library. Eight women and three men, all looked 50+, and two librarians. The poems were Sea Fever and The Lake Isle of Innisfree – both well-loved classics. Then ‘Cargoes’ was mentioned, and found, on the internet. Now I know that a quinquerime was a five-banked galley. Learn something every day! So much in that line ‘Quinquerime of Nineveh from distant Ophir’. I searched the Web for those three words and got drawn into other worlds of trade and war, from Rome to Iraq to Malaysia, as a possible site of Ophir, from where Solomon was brought gold, ivory, apes and peacocks.


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