Wednesday 3 February 2016: The last time I’ll ride an elephant.


The photo was taken in Kerala last April. I’m in the middle. This week, a scotsman was killed by the elephant he was riding on. It happened in Thailand but I didn’t think this one in India was well treated either. It’s just another way to make money. I won’t be doing it again. Yesterday, I took my father to a hospital appointment to have his blood checked. Parking is difficult. Then I took my mother shopping to Aldi. When I reached home my Internet signal became intermittent when Bob was trying to use Messenger to talk to me. Finally managed to speak, two hours later. Very hot there. The boat is now in transit through the Panama Canal. It takes a week. On TV, I watched ‘Sugar Free Farm’ in which celebrities have to work on a farm and only eat the farm’s produce. Also, no sugar for two weeks which was a real problem. Then I sat on the edge of my seat through ‘Silent Witness’, a crime drama. Then, I watched the News. I’ve been trying to listen to Radio Four to improve my listening skills. It’s not working as I’m easily distracted.


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