Monday 1 Feb 2016: Pudsey Bear and Terry Wogan.


Yesterday, Terry Wogan died of cancer. He presented Children in Need which raised millions of pounds to help vulnerable children.
   I am not good at fund-raising but my best attempt was with a Pudsey Bear. In 1993, I bought and sent one around the school. The children were asked to choose a date that might be his birthday. The winning date was in a sealed note around his neck. It was five pence a try, and on the Friday evening, while the show was on, I contacted the BBC to let them know how much Woodhill School was donating.
   Two years later, one of the classes was asked to draw a picture of their bedroom. I noticed Pudsey Bear in one of the pictures. I said to the child who’d drawn it, ‘I know that bear.’ He replied, ‘My brother won him in the school raffle.’ We smiled, enjoying our shared memory.
   Yesterday, Bob sent a text from Panama – ‘arrived without any problems’. I was concerned that because he never locks his case, it might be opened. I always lock my case on long-haul flights.
   I took my mother to the Guru Nanak Gurdwara. Since my last visit, two years ago, there have been improvements. The lift is good. The food was delicious, but I wasn’t pleased to see so much sweet stuff and fizzy drinks. It was sad that one of the regular volunteers seemed to have had a stroke. We are what we eat, says she who ate all the chocolates gifted to us this Christmas. I was suffering from a very bad cold, that’s my excuse!
   I watched the TV dramas, Call the Midwife’ and ‘War and Peace’.


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