Boatyard on Leros, Greece May 2015

We have been here for over a week cleaning and working on repairs to Peperuka. The first job was to clean the stainless steel, of which there is quite a lot, on the deck. I found two canister-type containers of Vim cleaner and isn’t that a name from the past! It’s a powder cleaner probably a fore-runner of Cif. it’s a horrible job but there is a sense of achievement. The cleaner is rubbed on every inch of steel then washed off. I rubbed all the steel, the wires and the stanchions then used the hose to wash them down but I’m still finding sections that, instead of being shiny, have a film of powder. After that I’ve been cleaning and tidying inside while Bob is sanding, polishing, repairing and adding parts to the boat. He has ordered a new life-raft, a wind-vane and a self-steering mechanism.


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