Women Who Write With Elves

Mairi 3

An e-book anthology available on Amazon Kindle. Published February 21 2015. Priced at £1.99. Definitely worth the money!

Women Who Write With Elves are Annis Farnell, I Elves, Enza Vynn-Cara, Julia Chalkley, Mairibeth MacMillan, Palo Stickland, R Cohen, RJ Ashby and Sue Cook.

This anthology includes a selection of writing by nine emerging writers scattered from Scotland to Switzerland.

From travelling in the dark tunnels of the London Tube

to holidaying on a sun-drenched finca in the Balearics,

fighting a battle in ancient Britain

to shopping for that last-minute Christmas gift,

the stories and poems offer their own glimpse into diverse worlds, real and imagined.

Grab a chocolate hobnob (or two) with your favourite drink and snuggle into a soft chair to discover how amazing life and love (past and present) can be.


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