Tuesday 19th August 2014 From Bozuk Buku to Datca

We crossed the gulf at its widest point, leaving Simi on our left. Winds favoured us and we anchored in the North Bay where it is shallow enough fro swimmers from the beach to reach Peperuka, which is what they do. We went to our usual restaurant for a pizza, but their machine was broken so we went to look at a fast food place that was mobbed. There was a queue with no empty tables anyway so we walked along to another place which looked promising. The food was nothing to shout about but we ate and returned to the boat.

   Next morning, I tried a new place on the harbour to access internet while Bob went for haircut. For around £10.00 he got a full beauty treatment. Hair, cut and waxed, from head, ears, between brows and nose – and – he was given a facial. Only in Turkey would he have put up with that! He looked polished and well-groomed, as he never has before.

  Bob’s first was a facial, while mine was swimming with no noodle! This bay is now called ‘No-noodle-Datca’.

On August 16th we had checked into Turkey in Datca and sailed to Orhaniye to meet Gurmeet and Roshan. They spent four nights with us on Peperuka – a great first experience of sailing for Roshan who will be ten next month.


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