2 -5 June 2014 Leros Island, Lakki Marina and Boatyard

I am so behind with this blog. Today’s date is actually 8th August 2014

Booked flights to Glasgow at our favourite cafe/bar which is connected to the Lakki Marina where we met Simon who recommended Partheni Boatyard saying it was cheap to leave your boat but expensive for repairs. There are two lift outs a year and four wekks on the marina at Lakki to help ready the boat. On our visit to discuss fees we thought the chandlery prices were high but the problems regarding the water heater made the decision for us. It all adds to the improvements on the boat. Bob is also thinking about solar panels as these will help the fridge keep cool and he won’t worry so much about the battery level falling so much that we can’t start the engine. We have an inverter and a generator on Peperuka as well but the more power options the better.



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