Monday 26 May 2014 Skala, Astipalaea, Greece

The ferry which links all the island of the Dodecanese came in to Skala.It’s not like in Scotland where the passengers and vehicles have separate exits. It’s a jumble of people and vehicles. On the shore you are met by people with rooms to rent as well as the taxi offers.

We walked up the hill towards the castle stopping to have a conversation with a shopkeeper who said he was based in Athens though had a few crafts shops in different islands. The shop didn’t seem busy at all. Then we walked to the phone shop where Bob bought a Vodafone dongle for fifty euros so he could have mobile internet. It didn’t last long. We were disappointed. When we reach Lakki I will buy a phone and internet sim card but both of these are so expensive compared to the deals you can find in India.

We sailed off from Skala ferry jetty to the bay called Vathi in the afternoon.



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