Kalamata Marina, Greece

Another day of working on the boat. Today Bob washed all the cockpit covers and sail bags. It was a good drying day. A little splash of rain at about 7pm which means the BBC weather app was wrong as it gave rain at 3pm. Windy with a south-westerly.

      Last night we spent about two hours trying to fix the cooker – only three burners work. Bob had posted the spare part from Force Ten and we had the internet site with instructions open. Firstly, the instructions were wrong as there were no screws on the front, only bolts which couldn’t be loosened to lift the top. Then the part could not be fitted. Bob put all the burners back together.

       After that, when Bob went up to the cockpit a can of lubricant had sprayed itself empty all over the wooden seating and the covers, so out with the hose. And that was why the covers were washed this morning. The boat is still a mess.

       We did work together to repair the fridge and the pan lids that had the top (handles) broken off. Used epoxy adhesive that had come from South Africa with the boat.

       I read another of the short stories for Farhana’s anthology. Only Sue and I have posted for the Tiree Tattlers anthology. I wrote a list for the story about the fostered child on Tiree though it’s not complete. I discussed with Bob the story of Alana and Moon River.


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