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Thank You, scafftag, for this – A journey through life

This is romance in its true, original meaning – a life story, a love story, an intertwining of characters and places and history. It’s well-written (always a plus in my book, I like writers who can write in decent English), expressive, and emotive; you care about the fate of the people in its pages. Deserves to be a runaway bestseller.

Thank You, M.M for this – A wonderful story I could not put down

In many ways this is also a love story, yet – for someone like me who does not like romantic tales, it was unusual.

It was very instructive in terms of how much I learned about the history of India and the Punjab, but at the same time, it was like living someone else’s story and wanting to see how it would end.

I was completely absorbed by it , to the point that I had to take some time off on the Monday to finish it. I have read a lot of books and novels in my life, and often I feel they’re not good enough to keep me reading, that I ‘guess’ what the writer is trying to do.

This was a complete surprise, and I just let the story take me to new places.

When I finished it I realised I was a bit sad because it was over. The last time I have felt like this was when I read The Great Gatsby.

Although it is not poetic in its language, it nevertheless has a few poetic moments that I have underlined. I ended up getting another copy as a gift to my sister as I feel it has to be shared.


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